The new version of spent@work 2.0 is here

The new version of spent@work 2.0 is here
Photo by Annie Spratt / Unsplash

We have worked on many features in the new version, spent@work 2.0. We've made a guided tour for you, we're now displaying currencies as you're used to, and the main new feature is a public portal to make communication more accessible in a nutshell. We've wrapped it all up in a brand fresh coat.


Share with the client

Freelancers need to communicate with their customers. That's what we at spent@work have in mind, and that's why we decided to make a public portal to make this easier for you. You can choose what you want to share with your client (see picture). Then you send the link to the client. Communication through the public portal via messages is a matter of course, and we've also implemented email alerts for you and the client.

comments in spent@work

This is what communication looks like directly in spent@work, located right next to the project.

comments environment to your clients

We have tailored this spent@work environment to your clients, so you can avoid all the unnecessary questions and focus on your work.


We've added a guided tour so that it doesn't happen that someone doesn't know how to use spent@work. Of course, you have the option to skip it entirely.



We have added that the currencies are now displayed as you are used to.


We've taken a look seriously at the new version of spent@work 2.0. We have entirely new colors, the spent@work environment is now round, we have a new font, and we have changed the logo. We have improved the layout for mobile phones. And the whole spent@work is sleeker, more precise, and a step further.

spent@work dashboard