TOP 5 - Why use time tracking apps

TOP 5 - Why use time tracking apps
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Time tracking apps are a great way to improve your time management. Their primary function tends to be tracking time and earnings. It is most often used by freelancers, companies, or anyone who likes to keep their work in order. However, they have many more benefits, which we will discuss in the following paragraphs.

Reason 1 - Keep track of your projects & earnings

The times are moving forward, and so are the tools we use for our work. One of the essential tools for the job is undoubtedly time trackers. In our time tracker "spent@work", you can track how much time you spent on a project and how much money you made.

Reason 2 - Time management and efficiency

In the previous section, we mentioned the main function of each time tracker. However, the benefit of this is the beneficial effect it will have on your time management and efficiency. You'll never have to think about what you're supposed to be working on, how many hours you've worked on it, and how much money you've made. And these are the great benefits that time trackers offer.

Reason 3 - Work with teammates, friends, colleagues, and employees easy

Imagine never having to call or text the people you work with on a project to find out if they're working, how much they've done, how much money they've made, etc. In our time tracker "spent@work" you create a team and work. This saves you a lot of time and puts you further down the road to achieving your goals and visions.
(We have discussed how to create a team in spent@work in this article.)

Reason 4 - All info in one place

Unfortunately, the alternatives do not allow this option to our liking, which is one of the main reasons why spent@work came into the picture in the first place, but more on that next time. Imagine that a time tracker application may not only serve as a tool for time and earnings but actually as a kind of project manager. Attach the files you need for each project, write notes, and communicate with your customers using a public portal. In short, keep all your information in one place; that's what "spent@work" is for.

Reason 5 - Simplify your communication with your customers

As I mentioned, "spent@work" is the only time tracker application with a public portal. This feature will allow you to communicate with your customers quickly. Your customers will appreciate this, and you will rise in their eyes, which is what you need. With the public portal, you can easily send and receive files, post comments, get feedback, and, most importantly, share information about the project of your choice. For example, you can share time spent on a project, price, project description, and particular time logs. The option is yours.